Graphic Designer

Designer & Traveler

” My love for design began as an architectural studies major at Mount Holyoke College. The intersection of creativity and technicality was fascinating to me, but after working a few years in the architecture field I determined graphic design is even more fulfilling to me as an artist. This is an art I want to share with others. Good design should be available to all – and that is my mission. “


Hannah Wert is currently a Graphic Design Certificate student at Massachusetts College of Art & Design with a degree in Architectural Studies and Dance. After completing a rewarding internship at Brandeis University in the Communications Department she embarked on a one year journey around the world making stops in South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  
This life changing experience gave her the opportunity to learn about new cultures, taste incredible foods, and of course absorb the beauty of design around the world. After returning she founded Hannah Wert Graphic Design and is beginning to build her list of clients focusing on branding, marketing, and web design. With an eye for clean and sophisticated design she can help turn your project into a success.